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Graphical Programmable Humanoid Robot Toy



.The LINE-Core m robot uses 18 servo motors to form a multi-functional humanoid robot. The controller interface is compatible with Arduino/metal shaft/multi-stage half-duplex serial communication interface/Bluetooth/serial port, etc.
.Using the mobile app can also be programmed according to the user's favorite robot movements, such as: playing football, boxing, dancing, etc., can use computer and mobile phone programming at the same time, mainly used for teaching and entertainment, publicity and other activities.
.In addition, 3D printers can be combined to make different models, such as insects, spiders, tanks, etc., mainly used for advanced programming teaching. At the same time, LSM-micro can also be combined with MRT educational robot series products to build a variety of models
.Graphic programmable human robot .Dance/Fight/Soccer/Mission/Free Mode, Over 200 different actions
.For Robot education, exhibition
.Support Phone, PC control
.3D print Suit, Block, Free Design file provided
.Keeping update new dance modes on APP and free open to customers
.Provide English guiding manual in PDF
.Not include the assembly cost of Humanoid ($15 / set assembly cost)

.Color: White
.Material: ABS Eco-friendly + Electronic Components
.Product Weight: 1700g
.Package Dimensions: 35.5 x 27.5 x 12cm
.Package Weight: 1900g
.Packing: Graphic Carton

Package Content:
.1Set x Robot Kit
.1 x PDF English Manual (Specific Reference Picture)

Packing list

.1Set x Robot Kit
.1 x PDF English Manual (Specific Reference Picture)