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Baby Learning Writing Pen Tool


Product Name: Children's Pen Writing Correction Device 5 pieces 

Product size: about 9*3cm

Product material: silicone

Product specifications:

A: Three-finger pen holder,

B: Two-finger pen holder,

C: Grip pen holder,

D: The small fish holds the pen,

E: Fish head pen holder


1, in the primary stage, beginners can be positioned by the A three-finger pen holder or the B-type two-finger pen holder ring to easily grasp the correct posture of the pen;

2, in the intermediate stage, the C-type pen holder is used to open the palm of the hand, which acts as a force on the abdomen;

3, advanced stage, this stage is mainly to stabilize the correct posture, you can use the D-E model pen holder to prevent children from fatigue due to writing time is too long.

Product List:

1 x three finger grip pen

1 x two finger grip pen

1 x pen holder

1 x small fish pen holder

1x fish head pen holder