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Drill Screw Group Puzzle Toys

Material: High quality ABS environmentally friendly materials
Features: Blocks of various shapes and colors and mushroom nails can spell out many models you imagine.
Function: Improve children's hands-on ability and imagination, and stimulate children's creative ability.
Parts List:
x100  Five-color screw
x16  Nut
x100  Five-color mushroom nail
x16  Four-color round building blocks
x16  Four-color triangular building blocks
x16  Four-color square building blocks
x16  Four-color rectangular building blocks
x6  Direct connection block
x8  Puzzle card
x1  Wrench
x1  Screwdriver
x1  Puzzle Manual (This manual is a general puzzle manual. Only the puzzle model reference is provided. The parts in the manual may be inconsistent with the actual parts of the product. If you mind, don't buy.)
Tips: This product does not have an electric drill. If you need an electric drill, please purchase it separately. There is a separate electric drill sales in the store. Due to the compatibility of the drill, please contact us before purchase to avoid the electric drill and the product are not compatible!