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Monkey baby bed bell neonatal toys


product details:
【Product Name】 New pastoral life lathe hanging
【Product Size】 about W9 * H25cm
【Applicable age】 0 months or more
【Product Filling】 High quality PP cotton
【Product material】 100% polyester fiber plastic parts
【Packing】 tag PP bag
【Product Description】 Gum apron paper Kazakhstan mirror BB bell, there are convenient hanging, let the baby put it down, the baby healthy growth.
Built-in round paper rattling Oh.
As if small animals in the activities, flexible Ling now, it is very attractive to the baby's attention,
To stimulate curiosity, can exercise the fingers of the baby's ability to grasp,
Enhance the power of the wrist, training rally, improve hands-on ability,
Promote the baby hand, eyes, brain coordination of all-round development.