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Monkey Math Match Game Board Toys

Without Box

Suitable age : Over 3 years old

Number of games : 1-4 player
Product contains : 30 Duoble-sided Game Cards , 19 Dolls , 10 Weghit Different Numbers , 1  Balance , 1 Base , 2 Pallets 
How to play ?
This toy contains 3 difficult ways : digital recognition , counting and addition .
1.Digital recognition :
Take one from the green card and the child finds the corresponding numbder and the  corresponding number according to the pattern on the card . Put them on a tray on either  side of the scale to keep the balance and help the child understand the concept of numbers  .
2.Points : 
Take one from the purple card and let the child put the number of dolls shown in the card  on one side of the balance and then at the point . After the number of dolls, put the  number of points on the other side of the balance , if the balance is balanced , it means  that the child points are Indeed , if not balanced , then let the children to point out  the number of dolls , in this process , the training of children points count ability 
3.Addition : 
Take one from the yellow card , maybe it's number + number , number + doll , maybe it's  doll + doll . Put the number or doll in the card on one side of the scale . Then put a   number or doll on the other side of the scale by the way of understanding the number and  counting the number that you have mastered before . There are more than one number , there  are many answers , to encourage children to think more , try different answers , as long  as the balance is ultimately balanced .