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Throwback V Shaped Flying Disc Toy



Simple shape design allows you to operate more simply than other shapes of boomerang toy, just gently pinch a fan blade of the boomerang, 35-45 degrees above your right position, vertical rotation can be done, without considering the direction of the aircraft. It will fly back automatically.

It's a sports toy for exercise!

Find a spacious grassland to avoid buildings and crowds as far as possible.

Don't exert too much force before you have a good flight path. Avoid the damage caused by the big misoperation, which leads to the boomerang toy striking hard objects directly and energetically.


Product Name: Wood Boomerang Toy

Weight: about 70g

Flight distance: about 40 meters

Suitable Wind Level: 1-4 Level

Color / Size:

Orange: 32.5*29cm / 12.8*11.4in, thickness 0.5cm / 0.2in

Material: high quality basswood board + water paint

Warm Tip: Boomerang toy playing requires skill.

Package Included: